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How to Advertise on Twitter

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

With the millions of tweets sent each day, your brand profile and tweets may get unnoticed. Twitter Ads allow you to showcase your brands along with their products and service. It helps reach new users and broaden your audience.

Research indicates that more than 42% of consumers know about products and services via the brands’ Twitter accounts. And 67% of users are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter.

Twitter Ads may be:

Promoted Tweets - Regular tweets shown to people who do not follow them already.

Promoted Accounts - Instead of tweets, these allow you to promote the entire brand.

Promoted Trends - These are among the top trends on the right-hand side. On clicking, you will see the search results with a promoted tweet on top.

Promoted Moments - These are Twitter story ads, a curated collection of similar tweets.

Automated Ads - Twitter promote mode is essentially for beginners, where Twitter automatically promotes your tweets and brand profile.

Is Advertising on Twitter Worth It?

Twitter may not be the cheapest social media platform to advertise on, but considering their click-through rates and interactions, they are more than worth it. As per market insights, Twitter Ads have an ROI of 40% higher than other media. In addition, the promoted video is 20% more effective in driving sales than any other Twitter ad format.

Twitter ads work well, especially if you want to promote a specific tweet that has already gained some traction.

How to Advertise on Twitter?

Twitter Ads do not have a minimum budget as other social media platforms. They can cost as little or as high as you like. So, you can be pretty creative on your budget while reaping sure results.

Twitter Ads are easy to set up. Once the target audience and object are clearly defined, the rest is as easy as pie.

Setup Your Twitter Ads Account

● To start with, head over to and set up an account with Twitter Ads. Then, you can also use your Twitter for Business account to launch Twitter ads.

● Enter your country and time zone and click “Let's Go.”

This information is used to establish your currency, taxes, and other account reporting. Once set, you cannot change these later on.

Choose Your Campaign Objective

The advertising objective helps determine what you want to achieve with your Twitter Ads. It also defines the engagement types and the action (which you have to pay for).

You have the choice of the following objectives:

● Reach

● In-stream video views

● Video views

● App Installs

● Website clicks or conversions

● Engagements

● Followers

● App re-engagements

Click on your Campaign Objective, which takes you to the “Campaign Set up” screen. In the “Set up” screen, enter your campaign name, mode of payment, campaign budget, and the schedule. Once done, click “Next,” which takes you to the “Ad Group Set-Up” screen.

Setup Your Ad Group

In the “Ad Group Set up” screen, enter the name of your Ad group, start and end date, and budget.

You’ll also be asked to enter the bid type, where you can either go for automatic, maximum, or target.

Automatic bidding is a great way to start if you are a beginner. In this case, Twitter sets your bid to get the best possible results for the lowest price.

While you can create multiple ad groups to target a different audience, it is safer to start with just one if you are a beginner to Twitter Ads. Once you get the hang of it, you can expand to splitting your campaign group targeting multiple audiences for different budgets and timing.

Choose the Target Audience

Next comes the Targeting option, where you can select the Target Audience for your ad. First comes the “Demographic Targeting,” where you define your audience by age, gender, location, and language.

You can go as specific as a metro area or postal code in the location targeting section. Or you can target a broad audience like a country.

The “Audience Features” help set targets based on particular interests like events, behaviors, keywords, and even TV shows. In addition, you can define your specific audience by entering their emails.

Once you are satisfied with your choices, click “Next.”

Choose Ad Placement and Launch Your Campaign

Finally, select your ad placement where you decide where the ads will be displayed.

Make your selection and click “Next.”

As the last step, review the options and click “Launch Campaign” to launch your Twitter Ad.

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