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Referral Partner Program

Join our Referral Partner Program

What is a Referal Partner Program? Simply put, it's a way for you to earn extra cash just by sending us leads and talking about us.  You already run a business and interact with individuals from several industries, so why not supplement your regular income by spreading the word about our services and getting paid for it?!

"It can't be THAT easy!" 

But it is that easy! Here is how it works! 
  1. Mention any of these services to a decision-maker (DM) of a business:

- Search Engine Optimization

- Pay Per Click Marketing

- Email Marketing 

- Social Media Management 

- Social Media Marketing

- Website Design


 2. Send them an introductory email and CC
  The DM can call or email us on their own and mention your name to us. 


 3. We meet with them to see if they would be interested in working with us to improve their digital marketing or online presence. You are not required to do anything else at this time!

 4. Once the business signs up with us and pays us for the initial invoice + the set up fee- 

YOU GET PAID 20% of the net value!

For example:

Let's say you send us a referral to a construction company and we talk to the *decision-maker of the company. They then decide that we would be a good fit to work with and sign up for the PLUS SEO PACKAGE  for Six Months without any customization.

Here is a breakdown of the bonus you would receive:

             The setup fee for this package is $1800 multiplied by  20% = $360 (your bonus)
              The monthly amount the referred company pays us  is $1700/Mo, when they pay their 1st-month                   payment, you receive a bonus of $340


 5. After the business starts working with us and we receive both payments from the "new customer", you get paid! 

It really is THAT simple for YOU! 

We know you are wondering if it is that good of a deal and if there are any "catches" in our offer to you. Well, yes, of course there is a catch! Here is the legal mumble jumble, so your mind can be at ease! 

To receive your bonus, there is a referral partner agreement ​and it covers:

  • which covers how long the contract between YOU and US lasts.

  • the terms of the fees and payments which state what and when and how you get paid

  • the legal obligation from us to you for payment

That's it. 

Let’s Work Together

If you are interested in making extra cash just by mentioning us to businesses. Fill out the form below.

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By clicking the send button below, I agree to the terms and agreements that are associated with the referral partner program. For a full version of those terms click here.

Thanks for submitting!

*What is a decision-maker? 

A company's decision maker is the individual who finally decides whether or not to acquire your solution. The decision maker in a B2B sales cycle typically holds a C-suite level designation, allowing them to "sign the check" without the consent of others. 

Would you like to know more about how to identify a decision-maker? We have a blog for your reference. Click here

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