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Social Media Packages

With more than 3.8 billion people now using social media every single day, it is very important for you to stay ahead of the curve. We do that for you at Shelley’s Social Media. When it comes to your brand, you want all hands on deck. When it comes to your client’s social media activities, you want all ears to listen. 

Social Media Packages

Additional Social Media Posts - $20 per post  ▪ Other Post Sharing - $10 per share ▪ Joining one group on behalf of the company ( and additional engaging 3x a week in that group) - $50 per week

*Monthly meeting included only on year packages ▪ *Photo editing is not included. ▪ *Additional stock photos are $5 each

*Joining three groups a month on behalf of the company included with a year contract ▪ Detailed Campaign Report * - Year Contract/1 Mo - 9 Month Contract/ bi-monthly - 6 Mo Contract/ every Mo

*Team Meetings included  in1 Year Contracts

We accept DBL Gift Cards up to $100 for Social Media ManagementorSocial Media Marketing Packages only.



Social Media Management Packages

Social Media Manager Packages