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Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization and this happens when Google (the most used, but Bing also uses search crawlers) finds your website and looks at all the components (over 200) necessary to be functional. The end of SEO is where you rank against your competitors in a search result.

Premium SEO 

Our Premium Package Includes:

  • On-site Analysis - monthly

  • Usability Analysis - monthly

  • Semantic Core & Keyword Research - monthly

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Keywords Optimized - 1x a month

  • Monthly Competitor Research and Report

  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml Creation and submission - 1x mo

  • Internal Links Optimization - 1x a mo

  • Backlink Strategy 

  • Meta Tag Title and Description Optimization (up to 20 pages)

  • Alt Tag and Content Optimization (up to 20 pages)

  • Detailed Analytic Reports + Team Meeting*

  • Install Blog

  • 4  500 Word Blog Published Per Month

  • Up to 20 hours per week

  • Social Media Basic Management *- 1 Platform


1 Year Term

$2100/Mo + $2400 One-Time Setup Fee - 1-Year Contract Required

6 Month Term

$2300/Mo + $2400 One-Time Setup Fee - 6-Month Contract Required

3 Month Term

$2500/Mo + $2400 One-Time Setup Fee - 3- Month Contract Required

Plus SEO

Our Plus Package Includes:

  • On-site Analysis - bi-monthly

  • Usability Analysis - bi-monthly

  • Semantic Core & Keyword Research - bi-monthly

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Keywords Optimized - 1x a month

  • Monthly Competitor Research 

  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml Creation and submission - 1x mo

  • Internal Links Optimization - 1x a mo

  • Backlink Strategy 

  • Meta Tag Title and Description Optimization (up to 10 pages)

  • Alt Tag and Content Optimization (up to 10 pages)

  • Detailed Analytic Reports + Team Meeting*

  • Install Blog

  • 2  500 Word Blog Published Per Month

  • Up to 10 hours per week

  • Social Media Optimization up to 2 platforms*


1 Year Term

$1500/Mo + $1800 One-Time Setup Fee - 1-Year Contract Required

6 Month Term

$1700/Mo + $1800 One-Time Setup Fee - 6-Month Contract Required

3 Month Term

$1900/Mo + $1800 One-Time Setup Fee  - 3-Month Contract Required

Standard SEO 

Our Standard Package Includes:

  • On-site Analysis  - 1 report

  • Usability Analysis - 1 report

  • Semantic Core & Keyword Research - 1x mo

  • Google Analytics Setup

  • Initial Competitor Analysis - 1 Time

  • Keywords Optimized - 1x mo

  • Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml Creation 

  • Internal Links Optimization - 1x a mo

  • Meta Tag Title and Description Optimization (up to 5 pages)

  • 1 400 Word Blog Published per month

  • 5 hours per week

  • Alt Tag and Content Optimization (up to 5 pages)

  • Detailed Analytic Reports*


1 Year Term

$725/Mo + $900 One-Time Setup Fee - 1-Year Contract Required

6 Month Term

$825/Mo + $900 One-Time Setup Fee - 6-Month Contract Required

3 Month Term

$925/Mo + $900 One-Time Setup Fee - 3- Month Contract Required

SEO Packages

We will bring your business to the next level. You will have an experienced, all-in-one SEO team.

What we do is called Search Engine Optimization, and we use white hat tactics instead of some companies that still sell black hat tactics that end up backfiring. We call those “tricks.” There are no shortcuts to good SEO. White hat tactics include making sure you have meta tags on your web page and testing your titles and articles against keyword data.  We help you increase your scores and better your keyword positioning with the goal of getting you on the first page of search results and increasing your website's clickthrough rates to conversions.

Custom Packages Available- Contact Us for More Info

*As part of the SEO Plus Package, we research your competitor, and our team uses the data internally for your marketing, unlike the Premium Package, where we do this monthly, use it internally, and send you a copy of the report.

**We optimize your current platforms & connect them to your website. This is different from Social Media Management. If you do not have any social media business pages, we create a Facebook business page for you to match your brand.

Detailed Campaign Report * - Year Contract/1 Mo - 9 Month Contract/ bi-monthly - 6 Month Contract/ every 3 months

* Basic Social Media Management Includes:

  • 2 Posts (or Tweets) per week created & published - between newsfeed & stories

  • 2 Stock Photos a Week*

  • Social media post sharing in groups (joining groups is extra) - 2x a month

  • Engaging in Business Newsfeed - 2x a month

  • Responses to 5 Post Comments/ weekly

  • Responses to 5 social media Messages a Month

*Team Meeting included with 1-Year Contracts

Additional SEO Services


Website Audit

A website audit is an examination of page performance prior to large-scale search engine optimization (SEO) or a website redesign. Auditing your website can determine whether or not it's optimized to achieve your traffic goals, and if not, how you can improve it to increase performance.

Our website audit report includes:

  • Site Health Check

  • Crawlability

  • Https

  • Site performance

  • Internal linking

  • Crawled pages

  • Errors on your website


Backlink Audit

Backlinks are links to your site that exist on other websites. For example, if you wrote an industry relevant article and Forbes decided to publish it, they’d likely include a link to your site somewhere in the article. A website like Forbes has strong domain authority since it’s a well-known site that publishes articles regularly.


A Backlink audit includes:

  1. Do you have backlinks? – This is the most important question. If you don’t have any, we stop here.

  2. Backlinks from reputable sources – Sometimes people will launch negative SEO campaigns and put your link on sites that are completely irrelevant to your niche or sites that have bad standing with search engines. They’ll do this to make your site incur penalties.

  3. Paid links – Google frowns upon buying your links from other sites.

  4. Are the backlinks that you have benefited your site? – We’ll check which sites the backlinks are coming from, their domain authority, and whether they’re driving traffic to your site.

5. Your report is created and sent to you via email followed up with a 30 phone call to go over your results.

online directories.webp

Online Directories

As a local business attracting customers in today's technology-driven world, you must get your business name and profile listed in all the major online directories. Many of these directories are well-known websites and social media platforms such as Facebook or Yelp. Having your business listed in the most relevant directories is important to SEO. If your listing isn't accurate or isn't concurrent with your brand online, then search engines may count that against you.

We have several different packages. Each package includes-

  • Consistent brand matching information updated.

  • Proper settings

  • Claim your listing.

  • Optimize for SEO.


Online Audit

An Online audit is a combination of services all in one.

Online Business Listings

Here you will see what sites your business is found on, and we will surface any errors you might have with your name, address, and phone number.

Fixing errors on these sites will not only send more customers to your actual address and call your real phone number, but it’ll also help with optimizing your business for Google searches!

81% of consumers say their #1 source of local business information is a search engine or online business directory. Compare that to a mere 9% for print Yellow Pages directories! There are dozens and dozens of sites that people rely on. When your business information is missing or incorrect on just one of those sites, you’re guaranteed to lose business.

Online Business Reviews

Word of mouth has changed dramatically in recent years. Businesses that rely on the old ways of referral business are dying if they aren’t adapting.

The average consumer today reads at least seven reviews before trusting a local business. Moreover, 73% say that those reviews must be written within the past three months to be considered relevant.

Social Media Presence

Do customers like you? We also measure current audience and engagement across popular social platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to benchmark current performance and show you where your business ranks within your industry.

Business Website

Did you know that it takes people only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your site?

A company website is the most essential marketing tool. After all, the internet is the first place people go to learn more about your services. If your company isn’t there, you’re losing business. But simply having a website isn’t enough.

Online Advertising (SEM)

Search Advertising on Google

Customized ads that appear at the top of Google results. Showcase reviews, business location, and click-to-call trackable phone numbers to optimize results. Leverage our technology to increase results and proof-of-performance reporting to know your return on investment.

Geo-fencing & Mobile Display Advertising

Take advantage of the magic of targeting your ads with laser-like precision on mobile devices at your competitors and where your customers congregate when they are not with you. Refine by demographic, behavior, location, and more.

Social Advertising on Facebook

Get seen at the top of the News Feed on the #1 social 

media site in the world (even above all those baby pics!). Display call-to-actions like “call now” or “get directions,” and drive measurable results for your business.

Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)

Potential customers are searching online for the products or services that your business offers. With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can boost your visibility in those search results so that people find you before your competitors.

Here’s how it affects you: When someone searches for your type of business online, are you outranking your competition? Better yet, does your company appear on the first page?

Image by Sarah Elizabeth.webp

Google Analytics Audit

A Google Analytics audit involves examining your GA settings in comparison to a set of checks to identify any inaccuracies, organizational flaws, and unrealized potential. This article describes what to anticipate from a quality audit and how to get the most out of it to support the expansion of your organization.

Our Google Analytics Audit Includes:

  1. Google Analytics Access

  2. Tracking Implementation

  3. Checking Google Analytics Settings

  4. Time Zone

  5. Currency

  6. Default Page Set

  7. Bot Filtering

  8. Check Site Search Tool

  9. Check Report Settings

  10. Check Goal Configurations

We send your report to your email and each audit comes with a 20 minute phone call to talk about your results if you choose.

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