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What is TweetDeck and How to Use It

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

TweetDeck is a free platform that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and stay on top of topics, Twitter searches, Twitter lists, hashtags, and many more. In addition, it has a host of features not available on Twitter, including improved organization, filters, scheduled posts, and building tweet collections, to name a few.

TweetDeck is available via Mac App Store and

What is TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is a free social media tool that combines Twitter with robust reporting and helps optimize Twitter presence. The key to TweetDeck is its broad layout split into fully customizable columns compared to the single-column layout of Twitter displaying the tweets. In addition to your main timeline, TweetDeck also has separate columns for notifications, mentions, scheduled tweets, direct messages, liked tweets, tweets from a specific user, and many more.

You can also switch between columns based on what you are working on. TweetDeck is also capable of managing multiple accounts and offers control over what you see on Twitter.

How to Use TweetDeck?

You can accomplish everything that you do on Twitter and more and TweetDeck. It offers a more convenient Twitter experience for tweeting, liking, sending direct messages, following accounts, and many more.

Open TweetDeck via the Mac App or and log in via your Twitter account. Once logged in, you are taken to your TweetDeck dashboard. The dashboard has four sections:

Home: This section is similar to Twitter with tweets from the accounts that follow you.

Notifications: This section is the same as that of Twitter, with a notification button showing the action taken by your followers.

Messages: This section has all your direct messages.

Trending: This section has all the trending topics in and around your area.

Connect Multiple Twitter Accounts

● Click on “Accounts” from the left-hand side panel. (fourth icon from the last)

● Select “Link another account you own” from the pop-up column.

● Click “Continue” on the pop-up message.

● Enter the credentials of other Twitter accounts you own and click on “Authorize.”

● You can add multiple Twitter accounts in the same way.

Remove an Account

● Click “Accounts” in the left navigation panel.

● Click the down arrow in the account you wish to delete to expand.

● Click “Leave Team” and confirm the selection.

● Note that you cannot delete the account you used to sign in to TweetDeck.

Tweeting from Multiple Accounts

● Click on the “Feather” icon from the left side panel to create a new tweet.

● The tweet window will pop out to the right-hand side.

● Select the profile of the account you wish to tweet from.

● Compose the tweet of 280 characters max.

● Click on “Add Images or videos” to add images or video clips to the tweet.

● Click on “Schedule Tweet” to schedule the tweet for a later date.

Managing the Columns

The four sections in the dashboard can be customized according to your preferences. For example, you can add columns or remove them as needed.

● Click on the “+” icon on the left-hand side panel to add more columns.

● A pop-up window appears showing all the columns available with TweetDeck.

User: Creates a column that displays the tweets of any user you manage

List: Access lists made on Twitter

Collection: Create a list of tweets to share with your followers

Likes: Access the tweets you liked on Twitter

Messages: Direct messages from all the accounts managed via TweetDeck

Mentions: Display all the tweets where your account

Followers: List of Twitter followers in all accounts

Scheduled: Schedule tweets yet to be posted

Activity: All the activities taken by all accounts

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