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Six Strategic SEO Decisions to Make Before Web Design

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Strategic SEO decisions to make before you begin web design? Absolutely. Each one will make a massive difference in your SEO rankings, and you will need to consider each one before any code begins.

Many things will require strategic SEO decisions to be made before you begin your website design or redesign. Some will cost you more money upfront, but they are worth considering ahead of time. Planning with strategic SEO decisions instead of wishing you made the purchases. You made the investment, and it will always be worth it. Planning and considering the strategic SEO decisions before you finish your build will pay dividends.

Here are six strategic SEO decisions to consider before you design that website:

1. Buy all the domains

.net, .biz, .name, .info-if all are available, buy them. If you have the purchasing power, this alone can save you money in the long run. Buy all the domains, and a squatter will not be sitting on them, waiting for you to score big and then sell you the domain you could have had, for a hefty profit. Once you own the domain names, the upkeep can be nominal and can be automatic. Plus, you constantly redirect traffic to your main page.2Take into consideration the Content Management System and Hosting Provider you will use.

2. Take into consideration the CMS and Hosting Provider you will use.

Your content management system is important. You will want to have a system in place that is compatible with your needs. You will want to research SEO and which hosting providers can not meet or match the others. WordPress is considered the standard for bloggers. The ability to plug in Yoast for SEO is unbeatable. If you are blogging, this is the recommended standard. You judge all other hosting providers by this standard. There are many e-commerce options as well.

Your content management system can be customized and should be for the needs of your business.

3. HTTPS versus HTTP:

Nowadays, you must consider if you are going to purchase the security site or not. Of course, we recommend that you buy the security plan. If you are using credit cards, it is a must. If you are requesting people’s information, it is a good idea. If you want to rank higher with the Google algorithm, it is a necessity. Just recently that Google has said they will consider secure sites as more elevated in their ranking. Read more about the google algorithm updates here.

4. Get your backlinks if you can

Do not mess up your backlinks if you are redesigning. It is a huge mistake to overlook this essential element of your website and all the hard work you have put in having other sites direct back to you. Even mentions on other sites consist of a backlink that you will not want to lose. This can dramatically affect your SEO and rankings in the Google algorithm. This may be one of the most crucial strategic SEO decisions you make. Do so before you begin.

Another thing is that Google allows you to preview is how your redesign or new website will rank. Submit your design ahead of publishing. Read more about that recommendation here.  

5. Make sure your website is responsive.

Make sure that you try your website on mobile. Try it on tablets. Try it on chrome, explorer/edge, and firefox. Be sure that your photos and images scale. Make sure your website is responsive!

6. Be aware of what else is out there.

Know your competitors: Spy on your competition. One up them with a new website that you’re happy to show off. If your site is more than two years old, it could stand a redesign as well.


Six strategic decisions to make before you design a website will position you six steps ahead of your competition. There is a monetary advantage to preplanning with building a website. You will want to know what exactly you should consider in advance. You will want to make several decisions before you start building the website, as it can save you both time and money.

To wrap up and offer:

There is a lot to consider when developing a website, and if you have any questions, we are here to help. Schedule a free consultation now. We can help you make those strategic SEO decisions that are required. It can propel you far ahead of your competition. There are many considerations to ponder before you even begin to code. If it all seems overwhelming, call us.  

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