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New Facebook Algorithm: Make It Work

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

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There is a new Facebook algorithm that controls what we see online; it’s always changing and can now flag your account if you are inappropriate.  Oxford states the definition of an algorithm to be: a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

You are probably familiar with the ever-changing Google algorithm.  It enhances the users’ experience by organizing information and sorting websites into a rank when you ask Google a question.  This algorithm is constantly changing and updating, just like the new Facebook algorithm.

So the new Facebook algorithm solves all of our problems then, right? Not really, but it does help us to have the best user experience.  The algorithm bases what we see based on recent searches, words spoken or posts liked.  The algorithm uses our interactions on Facebook to determine what friend’s posts will show up in our feed.

Algorithms are continually changing, always updating information into their calculations based on the input it receives. If you are posting on Facebook and no one is liking or commenting on your posts, that could be the new Facebook algorithm’s fault, but remember, the algorithm responds to YOUR actions. If you never “like” posts or pages, you are not engaging and giving input and then Facebook doesn’t know what to do with you. Facebook looks for “signals” to help decide what to put in your newsfeed. In certain instances, Facebook is always paying attention, even in off Facebook online activity, which is why you will see ads pop up for that new blender you searched online for related to your new co-worker’s housewarming party gift.

Four factors:

There are four factors that influence what Facebook places in your feed for you to see:

  1. The inventory of all possible posts available to display

  2. Signals that tell Facebook what the posts are

  3. Predictions on how Facebook users will react to each post

  4. A final score assigned to the content based on all of the factors considered

The purpose of using these four factors is to allow Facebook users to have a better experience and to encourage meaningful interactions.  Facebook wants you to spend more time on the platform, so they do everything they can to make it more engaging for you.  Hence, the new Facebook algorithm!

People throw the word algorithm around because they know it means something related to social media. Not everyone truly understands what it does, let alone how important it is to businesses. Facebook has been changing its’ algorithm and updating its platform since it began but has recently had to make several changes to keep the users safe and happy. Here’s a great timeline that breaks down the changes over the years.

New Facebook algorithm updates, according to the Facebook blog include:

  1. Updates to the Facebook Ad Library that allow users the opportunity to learn why they are seeing specific ads as well as increase control of their specific ad experiences

  2. Control for users to reduce or eliminate political ads as well as advertisements focused on social issues

  3. Control for users to choose how an advertiser can reach them from a Customized Audience list. This feature will allow Facebook users to block advertisers from matching their personal data: (emails or phone numbers) attached to their Facebook profile.

Again, if you want the new Facebook algorithm to work for you and your business, you have to:

  1. Be active on your pages and in your groups

  2. Like, comment and share on your friends and followers posts

  3. Add new friends and invite relevant ones to like your page

  4. Keep your audience engaged

  5. Use pictures, polls, and video to increase engagement

  6. Check your analytics

Follow these few easy steps, which are steps you should already be doing on Facebook to gather interactions and watch your engagement grow. Also, expect to be happy with what shows up in your news feed too.  Do you want to go online to Facebook and check your news feed right now?

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