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Google Ads Maintenance

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

This document provides an overview of our team's maintenance duties to improve your advertising campaigns.

At least once per week, our team performs maintenance and optimization on all Google Ad campaigns. When we implement changes to a campaign, we will need to give them time to function before evaluating their effectiveness.

Be aware that adjustments made early in a campaign will reset the learning phase, making it appear as if the ads began running from zero. Please note that we must allow advertisements sufficient time to perform. Sometimes campaigns are immediately successful, while other times they require a bit of time to gain momentum. This is particularly true for accounts that have never before been advertised.

Ongoing Performance Evaluation and Optimizations Examine CPA Objective

Review CPA

CPA (Cost-per-Action) is one of the metrics we use to monitor the efficacy of your advertising campaign. The CPA depicts how much of your budget Google uses to convince one user to click on your advertisement and complete a predetermined action. This action is dependent on the sort of campaign that is being conducted. Signing up for a lead-generation form or downloading an application are two examples.

Google predominantly calculates CPA based on your CPC (Cost-per-click) and conversion rate. Clicks are valued based on the average number of times an advertisement must appear before a visitor clicks. The conversion rate then defines the proportion of users who convert after clicking through.

If either of these metrics increases, so does your CPA. This is a valuable metric because it allows you to determine whether or not your business can afford the conversions you are achieving at the current expenditure rate.

If the CPA objective becomes excessive or exceeds your company's budgetary capabilities, we will make every effort to reduce the CPA. This is accomplished in a variety of methods, which you can learn more about in the sections that follow.

Review and Activate Top-Performing Ad Group

Throughout the course of the campaign, but especially in the beginning, we will test out numerous ad variations to determine their effectiveness. Eventually, one group will perform better than the other. To increase your CPL, we concentrate our efforts on the highest-performing group and deactivate the lowest-performing one.

If any groups are underperforming, we will revisit and construct new ads to achieve the desired results. In this early stage of learning, we manually limit spending and observe until we identify a strategy that merits additional budgetary support.

Review & Pause Poorly performing advertisements

As described previously, our team will evaluate underperforming advertisements and disable them to avoid wasting a portion of your budget. Depending on the circumstances, these ads with subpar performance may be salvageable.

If they continue to underperform, we will discard them and refocus our efforts on something else based on the constantly accumulating data from Analytics.

Review Keywords

When it comes to Google Ads Maintenance, reviewing your keywords is important. Your Google Ads may be performing well, but that does not necessarily indicate that the CPL for our selected keywords maximizes your advertising budget. Our specialists are actively monitoring your competitors' keyword bidding to determine the optimal strategy. It is wholly possible to be priced out of keywords due to a competitor's willingness to pay more for the top position.

In such cases, our team will continue to use our Analytics tools to investigate keywords that can produce improved results for your client.

If our chosen keywords are performing well, we won't make any adjustments and your campaign will continue without interruption.

Analyze Demographics

We must also conduct regular reviews of the demographics of those who are exposed to your ads. To increase your number of conversions, we will evaluate the efficacy of your ads with various demographics. Gender, age, and household income are factors.

Our team will examine demographics to identify the groups with the poorest performance. By eliminating poor performers, we improve the campaign's quality and place a greater emphasis on displaying your advertisements to interested audiences.

Intelligent Budget and Bid Pacing

Using Google Analytics and multiple ad extensions, our system collects data and metrics in real-time. Effectively collecting tens of thousands of distinct data points informs our system on how to adjust bidding throughout the day. This ensures that we never exceed our budget when targeting specific audiences or keywords. We keep your CPL minimal and save them money each month on advertising expenditures.

Our system is also able to allocate your advertising budget to the best-performing ad groups, preventing you from squandering money on fruitless endeavors. This is where our team will begin modifying display times so that your advertisements are displayed on the most effective days and times of the week.

Our specialists are always available and monitor your campaign each week in order to make manual adjustments based on our suggestions. If we identify an opportunity for enhancement, we will contact you and seek your approval before postponing or modifying the campaign for these reasons.

Remember - Every advertising campaign requires time to learn and collect data. We can utilize your budget more efficiently the longer a campaign runs and the more data we collect. Our constant objective is to keep your cost-per-lead as low as feasible, and you can anticipate a significant decline over time.

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