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Explaining How Google Ads Work

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Google landing page

Google Ads is tough to explain.  Some oversimplify it, and others complicate it.  There are two different networks for Google Ads.  The first is the search network, and the second is the display network.

This is why we created a short read on how Google Ads Work

The Search Network:

The search network contains advertising locations like the actual search results on Google.  It also uses other Google properties like Google maps and Google Shopping, as well as partner sites on Google that show text ads.

Google Shopping is an entire entity within Google’s search network.  It shows you immediately where you can purchase items you might be shopping for.  Google reads your intent behind your search and provides you with options pertaining to your search that you might need to purchase.

The Display Network:

Platforms like Gmail, YouTube, and other partner sites feed the display network.  It focuses on platforms and advertising methods that are not text-based.  The search network is text-based; the display network is not.  You will see the display network at work when you are searching for something and the advertisement or that exact item appears in your inbox of Gmail. The same thing happens while you are on YouTube.  You will find advertisements catered exactly to your recent queries.

Google Ads Targets Keywords:

People search for items on Google, and Google Ads targets those keywords into their marketing.  You may search cupcakes and mean to search how to make cupcakes, but several cupcake shop locations and advertisements will reach you.  Say you are interested in purchasing cupcakes, so you click on one of the advertisements.  Clicking will take you to a landing page of that retailer’s website, where they hope to convert you to a customer. The cupcake retailer pays Google to direct you to their landing page.  That is how Google Ads works.

What if the customer did not buy?

Google Ads is very good about remarketing to customers that do not initially purchase something through their clicks.  It is also called retargeting.  Google retargets the customer with another marketing message, allowing them to click and convert the sale.  Fortunately, Google packs excellent remarketing software and custom audience options to do the remarketing for you.

Contact Us if you are Confused:

If you have questions on Google Ads, or you would like to see an increased return on your investments (ROI), then consult with us here at Shelley’s.  We have seen tremendous results for even small client ad campaigns.  No campaign is too small with Google.  We are happy to run your campaign and do the setup for you.  We research keywords and understand intent.  You can trust us to run your Google Ads smoothly.

Click here to schedule a consultation today. We have a November special related to Google Ads.  Ask about it.

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