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Five Benefits of Using Bing

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Bing Dashboard, We understand that Google still holds a substantial piece of the search engine pie. Here we dive into why you should be using Bing in addition to Google. Here are five benefits of using Bing.

You can reach older searchers who use desktops. 

Bing brings cheaper traffic than Google. 

We now know that Bing has a cheaper cost per click (CPC) in every industry. Bing claims to have 638 million PC users in its search audience. You would be reaching a whole new dynamic of people, and it’s worthwhile to consider advertising on Bing.

Bing is very business-to-business (B2B) marketer-friendly.  Especially if it is top of the chain of command that you find yourself advertising to. 

Companies that would sell to executives or “higher-ups” or those selling large capital products are great examples as the decisions for these products tend to be made higher up the corporate chain. According to the World at Work, the average age of a C -Suite member is 56, and we know these people tend to use personal computers over mobile devices to research complex products. Key decision-makers are right in Bing’s audience.

Again, the cost per click is cheaper on Bing than Google when looking at B2B. The average CPC in one study on Google was $2.30 and on Bing? Just $1.69. That is not an insignificant amount for cost savings. It begs the question:  Why not try it?

Using Bing‘s action extensions drives click–through rates (CTR). 

Only Bing, not Google, offers this type of extension, and they say it boosted their click-through rates in beta testing by upwards of 20%. An action extension is a call-to-action button prominently placed on a search ad. It is usually a browse action to extend and look upon a desktop. These work very well on desktops where older users are already searching.

Bing connects with LinkedIn. 

Bing has a unique feature in its search ad platforms to help marketers capitalize on the customer segment that uses desktops. It is called LinkedIn targeting, and it allows marketers to target customers by their LinkedIn profile information. Bing is the only one who does this. You can create an ad audience around a company name, industry, or job function and search by it. So, if you are selling a computer software solution, you could target people who list programming or CIO, or COO or finances in their LinkedIn profile.

We hope that you found our 5 benefits of using Bing helpful. We know that you can be successful in marketing with Bing. Remember to consider Bing when you want cheaper traffic to your website. If you have a robust on-site conversion funnel or know your conversion rate is already working correctly and you want to drive numbers to your site, Bing should be in your wheelhouse.

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