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Benefits of using Hashtags 101

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

hashtagging and buildings

The # symbol and the words behind it are all about organization. This is how followers find you, and you spark engagement. The hashtag symbol organizes conversations around the words you have marked with the hashtag symbol.

You can use up to 30 # symbols with each post, it’s imperative to have at least10 hashtags with Stories, but they must not repeat with every post you make. You want to switch it up as much as you can. At Shelley’s Social Media, we recommend using just five.  Instagram can dock you for making the same hashtags on each of your photos. You need to mix it up and use different hashtags each time. 

The top 10 Instagram hashtags of 2021, according to Oberlo are

#love (1.824 B Posts)

#instaGood (1.143 B posts)

The benefits of hashtags are that it increases your viewership:

like keywords used for search optimization, hashtags help people discover your content on Instagram. You can instantly become more visible and become part of a trending conversation.

You can build social followers: #HashtagsHelpBuildSocialFollowers. If you are an authority on photography, the 40th most used hashtag from a list of 100, your hashtags can help people find you specifically. Suggest you have photographs surrounding the northern lights; you use #northernlights, and people will see those conversations in the photography world. 

Hashtags can create new customers:

Hashtags help you find new prospects and help prospects find new companies. They find new customers as well. You can monitor essential hashtags in your social networks to be able to jump on relevant opportunities. You could find a prospect in need of your service or discover a chance unhappy with a competitor. Again with photography, you could photograph pets, and with #petphotos, you could find people in need of photographers willing to work with pets.

Use Hashtags to discover conversations that are happening right now versus keywords that will last a long time. You need to set up an alert within your favorite social media channels, monitoring the conversations you want to follow.


Hashtags help you and your business. Hashtags are all about branding. You can set up a branded hashtag specific to your business. For example, if you are the photographer, you could create the #JensPhotographyService. If you add the #ToYourCustomerCommunications

(email, Twitter) your customers can follow the # to stay current on your latest promotions.


Not only can you track your match, but you can become the competition. You can see what conversations are happening, the conversations you are a part of, and what people are saying about your competition and you.

Instagram is known for Hashtags! Hashtags are an essential part of conversations on Instagram. Without hashtags, nobody can find you. #noimportance

If hashtags feel overwhelming, when the average number of hashtags used per post is 11, consider hiring our social managers to promote your Instagram. At Shelley’s Social Media, we know Instagram. We also know hashtags, and we know content calendars. You can contact us for just one social media channel or multiple channels each month. We fit in your budget.

Consider partnering with us today. 

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