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Why Search Trending Keywords Before Starting Google Ads?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

The quick answer:  Trending keywords will tell you what people are searching for and you want to be advertising for what people are looking for.

Search the Trends and Trending Keywords:

Searching trending keywords will help you to know what people are searching for in order to target your ads directly to their query. If you start with Google Trends and are looking for dance videos for your dance studio, you will know the difference between looking for videos versus the latest Tik Tok dance moves, which is a hot search topic. It is amazing how Google has so many services to provide you with analytical data. Google Trends is the best option for those available to search for trending topics. You will see that Google allows you to search for any topic and witness live the amount of volume the search is generating. Google also lets you make your search awfully specific. You can get right into your state in the United States and see local answers to trending topics.

When looking for local answers, you can click on your country name and then the state to get your localized details. This will help you target the keywords you may want to use in your ads and focus more keenly on your market. You definitely want to know if people are searching for your targeted keywords.

There are other options for finding keywords like or Both allow you to search for trending keywords, but keyhole focuses more on hashtags in media. You can even pay for keyword information from Ahrefs with their Keywords Explorer. Look here for more information.

Then search the Keywords:

But the best use of your time is the Google Ad’s Keyword Planner tool.

You click on the keyword planner and input your base keyword and all sorts of options pop up!  You will be able to see if you are running a google ads campaign, how much each click of each possible keyword will cost you to rank near the top of the search results page, and near the bottom of the first-page search results. The information varies greatly in cost per click, and this is where your keyword research will pay dividends. If you can find some obscure keyword that you can market to, then your cost per click will be on the low end.

You do not want to be so obscure that nobody will search for your term, which is why keyword research is important, to begin with. Your search for the terms that others are already searching (trending keywords) to determine which keywords you will focus on in your campaign. A little keyword research will save you a ton of time and money!  If this seems like something you would like someone else to do for you, contact us at Shelley’s Social Media. We are happy to run an ad campaign for your small business and do all the research for you.

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