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Social Media Presence Is Necessary

Updated: Jan 2

a phone with the facebook log in screen and scrabble tiles that spell our social media

To Begin:

Social Media presence is imperative in today’s world.  Why do you need to have a personal Facebook and a business account? Why do you need an Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter account? Simple, your online presence. Your personal profile is for you and your friends and family, which may get “annoyed” with all of your business jargon being shared on your page. That is where your business profile is helpful. You can share stuff from your personal page to show your clients “who you are,” but mainly, you will want to share pertinent information about your business or industry to keep your followers engaging. News and announcements create a buzz and get your followers engaging.

Shelley's Social Media online presence

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To reiterate:

Why is this important for your online presence? According to live statistics, there are over 4 billion internet users in the world, and at the moment I write this there are 2,361,703,924 Facebook active users. You can view the live results at any time too. It is kinda crazy to see how fast the numbers rise. Your online presence will help you be found by search engines like Google and allow you to show up in more people’s news feeds on social media. People are even using platforms like Facebook to “search” for what they are looking for. So, the more platforms you are using, the better. You can share from one to the other and increase your customer engagement. For example, you make a great post on LinkedIn and then share it with your Facebook business page. You are now encouraging people to follow you on Linkedin.

Shelley's Social Media Profile up to date

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Keeping your profiles up to date will keep your clients and followers seeing you and your posts. If you have a website (which you should), then you can also direct people to your website from your different social media platforms. Your profiles are what give you your online reputation. Just like in the real world, reputation is important.

A reputable company will have decent reviews, social profiles, a website, and maybe even a blog. When someone searches for your business, you want your reputation to shine. Encouraging clients to leave reviews on your pages or on sites like Yelp! will also improve your reputation.

In Conclusion:

Having a Social Media presence is important and a valuable asset to your business. Don’t let it go to waste, use it to your benefit!

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