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Social Media Marketing Checklist in 2023

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

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Social Media Marketing helps businesses to stand out in an increasingly demanding environment. According to Social Media Examiner, 88% of marketers agree that social media got them more exposure. In addition, 89.2% of small business owners saw better results than others due to the improved exposure.

With social media being at the crux of the marketing campaigns, it can be overwhelming or confusing without any checklist. So to stay on top of your social media accounts, we decided to put together this easy-to-use checklist that we follow across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Daily Checklist

Every social media marketer has a series of small tasks that may seem trivial but, in reality, is a part of the big plan. Having a list helps to cross things and split time accordingly.

Reply to All Messages: Spend a couple of hours every day and reply to all the messages (both direct and private messages) in all social media channels. This helps build a good rapport with your followers.

Review All Mentions and Respond Appropriately: Check all the brand mentions and ensure a suitable reaction for them. Then, react to all Facebook mentions, both positive and negative; Re-tweet a few mentions; Like and repost a few mentions on Instagram.

Go Over the Comments on the Posts: Comment and engage with your followers across all social media channels. Enable your push notifications such that you get real-time updates.

Schedule Posts in Advance: Plan and schedule the post for the next day well in advance. The posts should be ready and scheduled at least 24 hrs before.

Check All the Social Media Profiles: Ensure that you get on every social media platform and catch up on the pending requests like following requests, chats, partnership opportunities, and many more.

Follow Back Everyone: While it may be difficult to follow back everyone, make it a point to follow people from your industry or those who collaborate with you.

Connect with At Least One Influencer: Connecting with people is a part of the long-term plan in building a solid community. So take time to retweet, repost, comment, or like a post from someone in your niche or industry.

Keyword monitoring: Monitor keywords across all social media channels and use them in your marketing campaigns for a better reach.

Weekly Checklist

The weekly checklist is essential for every marketer individually and the team. However, it is more so that everyone is on the same page and aligns priorities as a team.

Check Weekly Stats on All Social Media Platforms: Ensure that you check the weekly analytics to find what works and what doesn’t. While you can do this as a daily task, performing this weekly gives the post time to gain traction slowly.

Connect with Industry Influencers: Connect with people in your industry but not part of your inner circle. They can help add value to your business and even connect with untapped resources.

Have a Brainstorming Session: A weekly brainstorming session with the team helps bring in new ideas. It also gives everyone an equal chance to talk and share their strategies.

Update Social Media Ads: Ensure that you are on top of your social media ads. Keep an eye on the engagement, the conversion rates, and how well it is received.

Check-in Your Weekly Goals: Check in with yourself and see if you have hit your goals for the past week. Have a spreadsheet for the team and update it every week for accountability.

Monthly Checklist

Your monthly checklist concentrates on planning and readjusting the goals for a successful, workable model.

Perform an Audit on all Social Media Profiles: Keep an eye out for the following things regularly:

○ Appearance

○ Number of followers

○ Generated leads

○ Engagement and clicks on every platform.

Monthly Check-in with Team: Have a wellness check with the team every month. Check where they are in personal goals. Talk with them if they have any creative blocks; Exchange ideas, and plan for the next month.

Adjust Goals: Check where you are concerned about your personal goals. Keep them dynamic and adjust them as and when needed.

Plan Next Social Media Campaign: Get working on the next marketing campaign well in advance. Check if any holidays are coming up. Get the visuals, captions, emails, and posts ready.

Plan for the Following Month: Prepare a social media calendar for the next month. Get your ad campaigns going and plan at least the basic posts. You can make changes or add things later on.

If you have trouble figuring out what to post, we have a Social Media Kit to help you with your posts. Just copy and paste into your social media and publish!

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Our Social Media Kit includes:

- All the content you need in calendar form,

- Brand-specific content,

- Audience orientated keywords,

- Days & times to post for each post created,

- Trending hashtags,

- Emoji's that work best,

- Stock photos

Want to learn more about our Social Media Packages? Please click on our website link.

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