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Do You Know Why Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Important?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

screenshot of a mobile-friendly website

Bing allows you to easily test mobile-friendliness of your website

Mobile-friendly websites are important.

Mobile-friendly websites are important, and statistics back that up. For years now, statistics have been telling us people are using phones and mobile tablets to do business more and more. It is crucial to understand just why mobile-friendly websites are important. Statistics are telling numbers: if your website is not mobile-friendly, now is the time to rectify that unfortunate fact.

There are many reasons why mobile-friendly websites are important still in 2020, and here are five good ones.

  1. Non-mobile-friendly site compromises your ranking. Google continually updates its algorithm to consider mobile-friendly responsiveness when searching from a mobile device. This update means that if half of your customers are searching on mobile devices, which they are, you could be losing potential business.

  2. People search for businesses to call or go in to quickly after searching on a mobile device. 88% of customers look up a company on a mobile phone before engaging business with them in the next 24 hours. Now, with updated geolocations, mobile devices help you search locally. Mobile searches mean that local businesses are losing customers if their websites are not mobile-friendly, as half of those searches are completed on mobile devices.

  3. 76% of US homes use email on the phone while watching TV.  They search on websites while watching TV and engaging in other activities as well. It is a fact of life that Americans multitask. We sit with our phones in our hands and shop while watching television.  We also check email and follow links while on our mobile devices.

  4. By 2025, 75% of users on the Internet, worldwide, will only have mobile devices. Millennials are not purchasing computers like the generations before them. Behavior predicts that with the large screen sizes, millennials will forgo computer purchases altogether

  5.  Many statistics already show that desktop computer sales are down.

Here are five reasons why mobile-friendly websites are important for businesses with web traffic in 2020. If your website is not functioning at an optimal level, you will miss out on business. That is guaranteed. Why wouldn’t you take the time to test and double-check that you are doing everything you can to optimize conversions?

When we know why mobile-friendly websites are important, it is easy to check if yours is friendly.

It is quite easy to check if your site is mobile-friendly. It is not so simple to check your analytics to see if your traffic is happening on desktops or mobile devices. We know it is well worth your while to do so. You can look here for directions on specifically checking whether people are accessing your site with desktops or on mobile phones.

Responsive web design takes care of all the issues that make websites difficult to navigate on mobile devices. The text and outline design and your photos are taken care of with responsive web design. You can be nearly 100% mobile-friendly, and then your photos are not sized appropriately for the screen. It is an easy fix when you consider that you can set your photo percentage to 100% of smaller screen sizes instead of using pixels.

Another easy fix to make your website mobile friendly is to check the speed of your website images and page loading time. You have roughly three seconds for a user to determine whether they will wait for your page to load. Your website design is a window into your thinking and store processes, and people react quickly. Check your page loading time and be sure you are not losing customers. Both Bing and Google provide easy access to check page load times.

It is easy for you to make your page mobile-friendly, which increases user engagement on mobile devices and can help you rank higher in Bing and Google search results. You can optimize your website for mobile functioning, or you can develop a responsive webpage that takes care of mobile optimization automatically. 

The most significant change in behavior

The most significant change we have seen in 2020 is now people BYOD (bring their own device). It is a substantial change in our behavior, which is one of the biggest reasons why mobile-friendly websites are important. People now sit in front of their work desktop on their mobile phone, searching for what they need. It can be to purchase an item for later in the week, organizing a calendar, or to look for a place to get a reservation for dinner. All are done on the mobile phone in their hand possibly while sitting in front of a desktop. Mobile screens are here to stay. It is time to optimize yours.


In conclusion, it is imperative to understand why mobile-friendly websites are important. The number of users increases on mobile each year, and the number of computer desktops in use goes down. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are certainly losing business. If your website is not mobile-friendly yet, it is simple to rectify; you can do it today. It can take just minutes to resize photos or decrease page load times. It is worth every effort you make to optimize your website to mobile capabilities. 

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