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5 Tips When Working From Home With Kids

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

This fall, as kids head back to school, or begin studies again online, we have 5 tips to help your transition back to working from home with kids in school, easy.


First, if your internet slows down, consider using your mobile hotspot as a backup. When you are working from home with kids, there is a chance that the internet will slow down. People do not think clearly when they are frustrated, and nothing is more frustrating than waiting for websites to load, or when your video buffers. If you have a mobile hotspot, consider using it when your internet slows down. If you have a plan for this scenario, you will be less frustrated. If you do not own a mobile hotspot, contact your carrier, and consider adding one as all the people in your family, and your neighborhood might be online at the same time.


Second, separate your workspace from your partners and your children. This fall, with everyone in the house potentially working from home with kids and on a computer, you all need your own space. If you have more than one child, consider setting them up in the kitchen at the breakfast bar or island and the others at the kitchen table. You can even separate them with trifold display boards. Having them working in their separate bedrooms may not be an option with the layout of your home. Many basements are too dark to work comfortably in on a screen, but you could consider adding a lamp when making an alternative space.


Third, while you are working in separate spots, it is a good idea to take a break together. After lunch, all of you could go outside for 15 minutes and take a walk. Think of it as your family recess. Even if you have no kids at home working as your new co-workers, you should still take a break. Working from home with kids makes this break even more important. Step outside and enjoy a brisk walk around the block. Studies show that you’re more productive after a brisk 10-minute exercise.  Read more about the sit less, move more movement, and data here.


Another great tip is to set a schedule in your family and stick to it. If you are usually logged into your computer by 8:00 am, stick to it. If your partner can get the young one’s breakfast, you can be in charge of lunch, or start assigning lunch duties to the children. Rotate a schedule of who does what on which days but stick to your times. If you normally finish work by 4:30, take a break together when you are all done.


Check your electricity. Make sure that your kids are not all on one outlet, or that they have doubled up extension cords. As the weather starts to chill, be sure that your family is not overloading your electrical with space heaters. Designate an outlet for each heater and each computer.

Finally, we can look to homeschoolers who have been working from home with kids as co-workers for years. There are many tips and tricks that these families and coops have worked out, well in advance of our CoVid fall. These tips are only a starting spot for utilizing good ideas regarding when families are working from home together.

In conclusion, there are many things we can do to make working together from home with family easier. You can use your mobile hotspot as a backup for your internet when it slows. You can set a schedule with your family and stick to it. You should take a break and maybe enjoy some brisk exercise. You can separate all of your family members to reduce distractions. And finally, you should check your electrical usage and make sure that you have not overloaded any outlets or doubled up on an extension cord and multioutlet unit.

woman leaning over a laptop with a larger monitor next to her. clearly working from home with kids is exhausting

This photo shows you can be organized when working from home with kids this fall.

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