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10+ October Social Media Marketing Ideas to Try in 2021

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

October is coming with an announcement of the spring season in parts of the Southern Hemisphere and autumn in parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Let’s dive into the fun elements and the boom that this month brings to social media marketing. Bring change into the world with your sweet and ingenious ideas. Not to forget the vacation days because all active communities would be excited to hear about them.

Do you also get excited to hear about any ceremonies and holidays in October? Then use them in the social media marketing of your brand because these are the best ways to attract your reader’s interest. 

Here are some inspirational ideas for October that will make your followers glued to your blog, email, websites, and social media account.

Target Globally Recognized Top 5 Awareness Causes in October 

What can be more exciting than knowing about the history and some globally recognized awareness causes in October? Well, the following are the globally recognized Top 5 Awareness Causes in October. 

1.International Day of Non-Violence 

2nd October is recognized as the global non-violence day. Social media has become a great medium to promote peace and harmony. Then why not bring people closer by giving them a cause to help the community.

Various organizations are out there; you can get involved with them and help them with this cause. Like you can run a Facebook or Instagram campaign in which for every like people give to your page, a certain amount goes to a non-violence shelter.

2. World Animal Welfare Day

You must be a cat lover, at least if you don’t like dogs or other pets. The 4th of October is known as World Animal Welfare Day. The whole purpose of celebrating such a day is to bring up knowledge about animal rights and welfare.

Help awareness among people through your social media handles to support all animal welfare homes. Some influencers are also working with animal survival and protection associations. You can post their pictures or play short video clips on your blogs to intrigue your consumers.

3. World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is observed on the 10th of October. Social media marketing has helped a lot to eradicate the stigma of mental illness from society. People are now writing about their mental health and struggles on Twitter and Facebook. Then why not just post an informative blog post or an interview of the mental health survivor. 

Your informative article on a website might help a depressed person and prevent him from committing suicide.

4. Energy Awareness Month

October is marked as the energy awareness month. Spread awareness through your blogs and even short TikTok videos about the significance of natural energy sources. 

How can we use sustainable energy to save our world from a shortage of these valuable energy sources? You can provide stats and figures and experts’ opinions on LinkedIn with key takeaways in the post. 

To get searched easily, don’t forget to add a hashtag. Like you can include a #sustainableenergy hashtag. Those who like to search the topic will find your post or blog easily through this hashtag.

Another brilliant video on Facebook would be DIY ideas of sustainable energy like solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric generators.

5. National Bullying Prevention Day

USA Today article quotes that about 49% of children in grades 4-12 report being bullied and harassed by older students at least once a month. Your October awareness can benefit school-going students. 

Your focused audiences may involve schools and their management or businesses whose target market comprises parents having school-going children. Your primary purpose is to provide your audience with facts and resources to cope with bullying. Or else make donations to some organizations working on anti-bullying awareness. 

6. The 11th of October Based Awareness Events That Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

When it comes to maintaining your social media presence by doing Event blogging, you might look for the right events to rock your Social Media Marketing. Here are the 11th of October-based awareness events that can boost your social media marketing strategy.

  1. AIDS Awareness 

  2. Breast Cancer Awareness 

  3. Celiac Disease Awareness 

  4. Dyslexia Awareness 

  5. Halloween Safety 

  6. Head Start Awareness 

  7. Lupus Awareness 

  8. National Book 

  9. Positive Attitude 

  10. Raptor 

  11. Self-Promotion 

  12. World Menopause 

Top 4 Observance Day Social Media Marketing Ideas

Who doesn’t love to be honored on special occasions? The International community also observes few Observance Days. We have searched the top 4 Observational Days to help you in digging better Social Media Marketing Ideas.

1.World Smile Day

Douglas Horton says, “Smile is a free therapy.” Your smile is precious. To spread positivity, every year, people celebrate World Smile Day on the first Friday of October. You can promote your best-selling products and services or use the day to announce a sale or new offers because a smile is what a quality service brings to a customer’s face.

2.International Coffee Day

Raise your hands if you are a coffee lover. As a coffee addict, you won’t want to miss an international coffee day. Get yourself your favorite mug of coffee, have a sip, and join us with our celebrations. 

3.World Teachers’ Day

October holds another privilege of celebrating world teachers’ day on the 5th of October. Pay tribute to your teachers with us. Create some awesome social media marketing ideas for this day, as you will most likely get a significant audience on your blogs and posts for this day.

Show your gratitude and love to your mentors with some creative ideas through short videos, ads, or blogs dedicated to them.

4.International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction

Social media blogs, posts, and Facebook handles have made it easy for nations to connect in need of hours. Situations that demand harsh and drastic measures have become much more accessible now through timely response and awareness provided by social media handles.

It is time for you to amp up your marketing game and make effective disaster risk reduction campaigns. People appreciate strategies that address occasional serious hazards like floods and storms and those that counter systemic risk generated by diseases such as pandemics, climate shocks, and environmental breakdown. What better opportunity to market your campaigns that promote products relating to personal hygiene and medical safety in the times of Covid-19.

8 Other Important Observance Days in October

Apart from the 4 Observances mentioned earlier, here are nine more important observances days in October to boost your social media marketing strategy. 

  1. The 4th of October: National Vodka Day

  2. The 6th of October: National Mad Hatter Day

  3. The 10th of October: National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day

  4. The 13th of October: International Sceptics Day

  5. The 14th of October: National lowercase day

  6. The 18th of October: World Vasectomy Day and National No Beard Day 

  7. The 24th of October: World Polio Day

  8. The 26th of October: National Pumpkin Day

Bottom Line

The month of October is undoubtedly going to be an eventful one. You can take full advantage of this opportunity by putting your heart and soul into making and eventually implementing social media marketing strategies that will give your business the boost it needs.

If you find any difficulty in implementing an effective Social Media Strategy, give a call to Shelley’s Social Media experts and see a skyrocketing boost in your sales.

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