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What is a Forum?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

A Forum is much like a threaded discussion.

Our Forum at Shelley's Social Media allows you to participate in virtual conversations at any time and location. Our discussions refer to online postings specific to Digital Marketing. Still, you will also find, Free Online Courses, Tools such as creating your review link, and engagement with our Marketing Specialists. We hope to grow the community to be helpful and pleasant.

When you first join our community, you will be brought in as a website member. Just Log In and you will be prompted to create your profile.

It's Free!

New members have access to our beginner group. This gives them access to post some questions or information that they would like to share with the community pertaining to Digital Marketing.

Once a new member has completed their profile setup, posted 2 qualifying posts, and commented appropriately on 1 post, they earn their Silver Badge! The Silver Badge opens up more forums discussions and tools.

Our Badge level Requirements are as follows:

  • Member: Anyone who joins the site

  • Silver: Setups up Profile, Contributes to 1 post, and creates 2 posts

  • Gold: Complete Profile and 5 contributing posts & 5 New Posts

  • Platinum: Complete Profile, 15 contributed posts, and 12 New Posts

  • Staff: SSM Staff

  • Student: Anyone who signs up for Lessons

  • Client: SSM Client

Each level opens up new and exciting opportunities. For example, once you've reached the Gold Badge, you will have access to BOGO opportunities, free tools to use on your online presence, and tips.

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