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Website Audit Reports: Important Inventory

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Website Audit Reports provide valuable information about your website.  The key to being found on the Internet is your website, and your website must have good SEO to be found. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the crucial reason we suggest looking for a website audit report. You can learn more about SEO with our previous blog post:

It is like taking inventory before you begin any large project. You perform a website audit and establish your website audit report before you start any intensive SEO work. You perform a website audit before a large-scale website redesign. Auditing your website can determine whether or not it is “optimized “to achieve your traffic goals and if not, the website audit report will tell you how you can improve your website to increase the performance.

Why Audit Your Website?

Website audits will help with crawlability, HTTPS and security, site performance, internal crawled pages, errors on your website, and an overall site health check. You will want to check if there are any broken links if your pages have titles and meta-descriptions, and you will want to factor in backlinks. You must also be sure that your webpage is responsive.

By looking at all these factors separately and in combination, you increase your searchability. Your website can increase the searchability and be boosted in ranking.  You can also attract more revenue by being found.  You can generate more leads, and have more site visitors when your user experience is enhanced.


Website audits should include a backlink overview. Having relevant backlinks to your website is important in establishing your “worth” on Google. A proper backlink audit will tell you which backlinks are toxic and which ones are not. A thorough website audit report will include information on backlinks.

The SEO website audit report evaluates your website and that tells you how search engine results see your page. Audits are completed by checking each step on the audit list and finding any issues or errors that need to be repaired and improved.  Fixing errors will boost your pages’ search engine performance.  Everyone wants to rank in the first three search results of Google, and fixing errors can help you achieve your goals. Audits check your keywords, where they rank on search engines, and how much traffic they are getting.

If you are not aware of how to use keywords, you will want to do your research.

Titles and Pages

Improve your page titles. Your page titles should be specific. They should have one topic and contain some branded phrase like your website slogan or your site’s name. Check every page title by scanning them in screaming frog like this:

Improve your H1 and H2’s. Every page should have only one H 1; that is your title.  The title of your page gets indexed and makes the crawlability of your website easier to examine.  H1’s and titles are key to the whole website and index. The index makes it easy to see what needs to be updated. Every page should have its unique title and description and a single H 1 tag with a meta-keyword.  You also do not want to duplicate meta keywords if possible.


Your site’s overall health includes automatic redirects if any of your pages are in a loop or your URL’s are no longer going to the initially intended web page. Your site health also includes duplicate content. If you have the same page titles, descriptions or headings, or even some of the same content on your page, your crawlability decreased.

There will be three metrics google will use to judge page experience in 2021 called the core web vitals. This all-entails user experience on your website. An SEO website audit can help make the user experience better, quicker, and more efficient. You can read more about the metrics proposed here:

Free Website Audits

This month, Shelley’s Social Media offers a free SEO website audit to any new subscriber to our newsletter. Visit our webpage and sign up to receive this free offer. Allow us to crawl your pages and search your site for errors. We will make suggestions on improving the user experience for Google’s new algorithm in 2021. We will give you a website audit report that will address the issues your website has.  If you are doing a complete website audit, you will find issues that need fixing.

Some of the most common types of errors that need immediate attention are

  1. The webpage does not contain H1 Headings

  2. Keyword displacement

  3. Meta tags inappropriately labeled

  4. Page size is too large

These issues will stop you from ranking as high as you can in the search engines. Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter which will get you a free website audit this month!

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