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The New Facebook Sucks- Or Does It?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

the new facebook on an iPhone getting crossed out

People are very angry with the new Facebook algorithm. It has cut the friends on their feed drastically.

The Frenzy:

The new Facebook has been released.  It has been redesigned again, and people hate it.  The new Facebook sucks, and people are vehemently requesting their old Facebook feeds back again.  Is it just that we humans hate change, or is the new Facebook really that bad?

It appears that now that the new Facebook algorithm has cut out over half of your friend’s feeds.  You see the same people over and over.  You only see those that you have recently interacted with in some way, like messaging them.  That is a trick to switching the algorithm in your favor:  Search for your friends by name.

Some people are having issues with the emotions bar.  They can only like posts, no more laughing “haha,” hugs or care, or love buttons.  It’s only the big thumbs up for them.  Facebook is working on the glitch, and it should resolve itself in a matter of days, but it’s a bummer when you are reduced to only likes.

The Facts About the new Facebook:

Facebook makes these changes because they are trying to improve the user experience.  They also have money to make with their advertisements.  What has been merely great is that Facebook has stayed away from political advertisements this whole political season.  It has been genuinely refreshing after what happened with Facebook in 2016.

The fact that Facebook changes your algorithm regularly is because they are working on getting user engagement.  The longer you stay on the new Facebook and engage in posts (hence all the neighborhood group postings—people ask questions, and you answer), the longer the advertisements have to reach you.  It is that simple.  Facebook does not charge its users money to utilize the platform; the advertisers control what happens because that’s how Facebook gets paid.

The Focus:

It is good news if you intend to advertise on Facebook.  There are so many tweaks that they have made in the last ear alone.  You can now advertise to a geographic location.  You have always been able to break into the demographics and choose age ranges and such or define an audience, but now, with the new Facebook, you can advertise to a local segment.

At Shelley’s, we know Facebook Ads:

We are not caught up in the changes.  We understand the algorithm and roll with the new changes.  You can contact us if you have advertisements you’d like to try.  We can help you at any given time with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google Ads.  We’re designated experts in each of those fields, and we’d be happy to have you contact us.

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