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Backlink Audit

We do an evaluation of all links pointing to your website. The report will find them, identify the bad and good ones, and develo
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Backlinks are links to your site that exist on other websites. For example, if you wrote an industry-relevant article and Forbes decided to publish it, they’d likely include a link to your site somewhere in the report. A website like Forbes has strong domain authority since it’s a well-known site that publishes articles regularly.

A Backlink audit includes:

  1. Do you have backlinks? – This is the most critical question. If you don’t have any, we stop here.
  2. Backlinks from reputable sources – Sometimes people will launch negative SEO campaigns and put your link on sites completely irrelevant to your niche or sites with bad standing with search engines. They’ll do this to make your site incur penalties.
  3. Paid links – Google frowns upon buying your links from other sites.
  4. Are the backlinks that you have benefitting your site? – We’ll check which sites the backlinks are coming from, their domain authority, and whether they’re driving traffic to your site.

5. Your report is created and sent to you via email followed up with a 30 phone call to go over your results.

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