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Site Audit

Get a site audit and improve your websites rankings
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What is an Site audit? An audit is a way to check how well your website is set up for search engines. It finds mistakes that can hurt your site's ranking and gives you tips on how to improve your site's rating.

Our Site Audit Includes:

  1. Site Health: The Site Health score is based on how many and different mistakes and warnings are on your site. The higher the score, the fewer problems your site has, the better it is designed for search engines, and the easier it is to use. The average score for an industry is made up of the scores of all the websites in that industry. Data from Traffic Analytics was used to make this list of sites.
  2. Errors: The number of issues of the highest severity detected on your website during the audit.
  3. Warnings: The number of issues of medium severity detected on your website during the audit.
  4. Notices: The number of notices detected on your website during the audit. You can also see the difference in the number of notices found during your previous and last audits. Although notices are not considered issues, we recommend that you fix them.
  5. Thematic Report Includes: Crawlability score, Https Score, Core web vitals, Site Performance, Internal Linking and Markup
  6. Top Issues: we give you a list of the top issues. The most important issues detected on your website based on their number and priority level.
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