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Google Analytics Audit

The setup and configuration of Google Analytics for a website are reviewed during a Google Analytics audit.
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Product Details

A Google Analytics audit involves examining your GA settings in comparison to a set of checks to identify any inaccuracies, organizational flaws, and unrealized potential. Get the most out of your Universal Analytics to support the expansion of your organization.

Our Google Analytics Audit Includes:

  1. Google Analytics Access
  2. Tracking Implementation
  3. Checking Google Analytics Settings
  4. Time Zone
  5. Currency
  6. Default Page Set
  7. Bot Filtering
  8. Check Site Search Tool
  9. Check Report Settings
  10. Check Goal Configurations

We send your report to your email and each audit comes with a 20 minute phone call to talk about your results if you choose.

Sign up for your Audit today and get 3 common events set up on your GA4. (certain restrictions apply)

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