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Google Ads Audit

A detailed look at how your Google Ads are Working
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Regular Google Ads audits are crucial because they provide you the chance to evaluate the performance of your account, capitalize on and expand successful techniques, and identify opportunities for development. However, audits may be time-consuming and expensive, even if they can help you improve outcomes and reduce spending on your Google Ads.

Our Audit Includes:

1.Why is your company using the ads

2.What your budget and targeted locations are for each Campaign you are running

3.Comparing your campaign structure to the navigation of your website

4.Viewing the number of ad groups per Campaign

5.Reviewing to see if it's clear to the searcher the action they are to take after clicking the ad

6.Analyzing the Matching landing page ad copy to the ad

7.Noting which keyword types are being used

8.Reviewing trends for your key metrics

9.Evaluating your extensions

10. Reviewing your target audiences and if you are using observations

11. Analyzing your negative keywords

Each report is sent to your Email and includes a 20 minute follow up call to explain our findings, if you choose.

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