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Google Business Profile Action Program

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The Program Includes: Part 1 Checklists to help you get the most out of every part of your Profile. If-then statements that make it clear when to use a feature. How to improve your photos and add geo-tags. How to get your Profile checked out in tough markets (Google calls them "Your Money or Your Life" markets). Part 2 How to put together citations. A full list of sources for citations that are organized by industry and location. The outsourcing company with the best prices (if you choose). A "tip from the inside" that gives me an edge in almost every market. Part 3 Ways to automate the review High-leverage executions can help you speed up the rate at which you review. How to get reviews in "sensitive" fields where people don't want to talk about their experiences in public. Part 4 Posts on Google Business (how-to, examples, templates, and a calendar to follow). Getting more people to see you on Search and Maps (by ethically gaming the system). Simple steps you can take to get more people to interact with your Profile. Included: The Action Program You can use all of my strategies right away to turn your profile into a money-making machine. This is the four-step plan shown up above. Lifetime Updates for Free For the one-time fee, you get free updates and access to the site for life. Google changes how their search engine works all the time. The Action Program will let you know what is going on. and more!!

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Google Business Profile Action Program

Google Business Profile Action Program

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