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Social Media Terms



Algospeak, as used in the context of social media, describes the use of coded language and acronyms to share illegal content without being detected by content moderation systems or subjected to censorship.

Users of social media come up with alternatives to delicate or off-limits words or phrases, such as:

"corn" is used in place of "porn," "kush" is used in place of "marijuana," and "tina" is used in place of "crystal meth." 
People can communicate using alternative words that automated moderation systems may not be able to understand.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models both make use of the term "algospeak." In order to describe the algorithms and machine learning models that power social media platforms, data scientists, software developers, and engineers employ technical jargon and vocabulary.

Social media experts can gain from comprehension two facets of algospeak. They can more easily recognize and react to illegal social media content by grasping coded replacements' language. They can improve their social media strategy and make more educated choices regarding content development and advertising campaigns by understanding the technical language of algorithms and machine learning.

If you frequently encounter detrimental algospeak in comments on your social media postings and advertisements, Contact Shelley's Social Media to set up automatically hide or delete the offending comments.



Finsta, commonly referred to as "Fake Instagram," is a separate, private account on the social networking site for sharing photos and videos, Instagram. A Finsta account is made primarily for a private audience, typically for a user's close friends and family, as opposed to the principal Instagram account, which is accessible to the general public.

To publish anything that a user would not wish to post publicly on their main Instagram account, they can create a Finsta account. This might contain real or uncensored images and videos, inside jokes, deeply felt emotions, and other materials that a user might feel more at ease sharing with a select group of close friends.

Younger generations, especially teens and young people, frequently use Finsta accounts as a way to more truly express themselves.

and truthfully. It gives individuals a place to be themselves free from the pressure of projecting a particular image or identity to the public.

Finsta, or the practice of sharing more private and personal content with a small group of individuals, has grown to be a popular trend on Instagram.moderation.

Touch Grass

On social media, the expression "touch grass" is used to nudge users to put down their gadgets and interact with the outside world. It's a reminder to step outside and get some fresh air for individuals who spend too much time online, especially on social media.

The expression is frequently used to criticize individuals who engage in excessive social media use and to draw attention to the drawbacks of a perpetual state of technological connectivity. It serves as a reminder that there is a vast world out there that is just waiting to be discovered and experienced, and that it's occasionally vital to put down our screens and go explore it for real.

To urge individuals, the expression "touch grass" can also be used more broadly.

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