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The Google Business
Action Program

A step-by-step guide to getting twice or three times as many customers.

Without paying a company thousands of dollars every month.

The Risk-Free Guarantee backs it up.

Update: Google My Business is now called "Google Business Profile".


You already know how useful Google Business Profile is...

But you aren't happy with how things turned out.

Or maybe you don't know how to start without wasting time or money.

I made the ACTION PROGRAM because of this.


What is the Action Program?


My step-by-step plan for improving Google Business Profiles is the Action Program.

You can use it to improve your rank and make more money.


 The Action Program is the result of:

  • 32,000 search results pages scraped.

  • Over 12,000 Google Business Profiles were analyzed.

  • More than 1,200 Profiles optimized.


What happens when you follow the Action Program?


1. It moves you up in Google Search and Google Maps.

2. Those rankings bring new customers to your business.

3. Those customers add more reviews and comments to your Profile.

4. This makes you known faster, which brings you more customers.

The most important thing is that your income grows.

It's a big loop of feedback:


Those aren't just a bunch of random results.
Even after months or years, the money keeps coming in.

                                                          Who Is this Program For? 


Business Owners:
This shows you how to do everything in steps that are easy to follow.
The goal is to get things done. Not to get you confused with technical jargon.
(If you're busy, someone else in your company can do this for you.)

This is for you if you want to give your clients more value and make the process of optimizing profiles scalable and repeatable.
The Action Program is used by hundreds of organizations as their standard operating procedures (SOPs).

                                                                  What's inside?


The Action Program is organized into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Improve your Listing
  • Checklists for optimizing all features of your Profile.

  • Clear if-then statements on when to use a feature.

  • How to optimize and geotag your photos.

  • How to verify your profile in difficult markets (Google calls them "Your Money or Your Life" markets).

Phase 2: Citations
  • A primer on how to build citations.

  • A complete list of citation sources, organized by industry and geography.

  • The most cost-efficient vendor to outsource to (if you choose).

  • An *insider tip* that gives me a competitive edge in almost every market.

Phase 3: Reviews
  • Strategies and tools for automating the review process.

  • High-leverage executions for ramping up your review velocity.

  • How to get reviews in "sensitive" industries (where people don't want to publicly share their experiences).

Phase 4: Increase Engagement
  • Google Business Posts (how-to, examples, templates, and a calendar to follow).

  • Expanding your visibility on Search and Maps (by ethically gaming the system).

  • Easy-to-follow strategies for increasing your Profile's engagement rates.

Monitoring Your Progress
  • How to access Insights in your account (what the data means and its limitations).

  • Free and paid tools for tracking the footprint of your Profile.


Here's what you get

The Action Plan

You can use all of my strategies immediately to turn your profile into a money-making machine.

This is the four-step plan shown up above.

Free Updates 

For the one-time fee, you get free updates and access to the site for life.

Google changes how their search engine works all the time.

The Execution Plan will let you know what is going on.

There are also new plans added. I'm sure they'll have success once.

Bonus: Engagement in High Gear

This report describes a simple strategy that can be used to make your Profile stronger.

When you use it, the number of calls and visits will go up.

The Risk-Free Guarantee

You must see the Action Plan for yourself to know if it's a good fit.

So I want you to try it for 5 days without any risk.

This gives you plenty of time to review the program portal.

If you don't like the Action Plan, I'll give you all your money back.

Just send me an email:

Try the Action Plan. Risk Free.

The Action Program normally costs $425.

But the next 50 customers will get it for $199.





All payments are made securely by


  • Instant Access to the Action Program

  • Bonus: Engagement in High Gear

  • Bonus: 80/20 Marketing Rules

  • Free Updates for Life

  • Backed by the Risk-Free Guarantee

                                       Questions People Usually Ask (FAQ)

Can't I hire a company to help me with this?
Of course.
Most agencies charge $6,000 a year to manage your Profile.
($500/month for a one-year agreement.)
Most businesses would save money if they did it themselves.
Especially in the way the economy is right now.

Isn't Google My Business going to get rid of its dashboard?
The name of "Google My Business" has changed to "Google Business Profile."
You can now manage your profile right on Search and Maps.
The Action Program explains how to do it.

Will I be able to use this even though I'm not a "techie"?
The Execution Plan is made to get things done...
Not to throw you off with technical jargon.
Each step is easy and can be done.

I work in marketing, so I'm already familiar with Google Business Profile.
Is this going to help?

The Action Program is used by a lot of marketers.
In two ways, they find value:
1. They find ways to do things that they didn't know about, which helps their clients get better results.
2. The processes make it possible to scale up and repeat the work of optimizing Profiles...
When growing your business, this is an important thing to think about.

My Profile has been around for a while. Will there still be value in the Action Program?
Many businesses don't know all the ways they can improve their results.
The Execution Plan shows you how to do this.

How soon can I expect to see changes?
Once you've done everything right, you should see results in 4 weeks.
Most of the time, they come in two weeks or less.
This is quicker than the old way of doing SEO...
Where you might have to wait anywhere from 3 to 18 months to see a return.





All payments are made securely by


  • Instant Access to the Action Program

  • Bonus: Engagement in High Gear

  • Bonus: 80/20 Marketing Rules

  • Free Updates for Life

  • Backed by the Risk-Free Guarantee

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