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Worthy Website Maintenance: What Is It?

Updated: Jan 3

Web Design

If you have ever built a website or had any part in the process, you know the joy felt when the site is “done.” In reality, it will never really be “done”. Like everything in life, you will need to make adjustments just like your car needs new brakes or your dog needs check-ups. People tend to feel like website maintenance is merely about fixing bugs or errors that show up when it is really SO much more.

Your website is like your house, your domain is the street you live on. Without routine maintenance, things wouldn’t look so hot and begin to break and deteriorate. To stay on top of things, here is a list of the basics to keep you on track.

Scan: Scanning your website to find any broken links or errors is essential. Making sure your website is secure, and that spam is not passing through the filters in place.

Repair: Fixing the errors found, both internally and externally, will ensure your website will be fully available to your viewers and keep your search rankings in place.

Compatibility: Confirming your website works correctly on various browsers, including mobile versions.

Updates: Software updates keep your site functioning as it should too. Different plug-ins may need updating as well.

Speed: This is a vital part of maintenance. Neil Patel lists some great apps to useandwhy speed is such a crucial part of your conversions. We live in a fast-paced world, and slow loading websites are unacceptable to users.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization will help your website rank higher with sites like Google. A Free SEO Consultation is a great place to start!

Analytics: Google Analytics provides a vast amount of information for you to play with in regards to your website.

Functionality: It is imperative that your “contact us” form, checkout area, and links to your social media accounts are all functioning correctly.

Content: Reading and re-reading the content on your website is crucial. Correcting errors, adding fresh content, and new keywords will keep your website current.

Remember to take care of your “home,” water your grass, plant new flowers, fix the leaky sink, and keep it up to date. You got this!

P.S. If you don’t “got this,” let’s chat, we can help.

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