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Where to Manage Your Profile

The location where you go to modify your Profile on Google is changing.

There are two methods for getting to your profile (s).

                                                                             Businesses with One Profile


  •  Enter your Google account information. This account must be the same one you used to validate your profile.


  •  Do a Google search for the name of your company. You can also look for my company using a search engine.

Remember: Google updates the functionality of these features periodically, so your layout might be different.

Directly in the search results, you will be able to manage your profile:


The buttons above can be used to update company details, add pictures, reply to communications, and more

Businesses with Multiple Profiles (or Clients)

You can use the dashboard for a full list of the Profiles you have access to:


You can access all the standard choices in the search results by selecting one of the Profiles.


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