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What to Expect

We appreciate your interest in the Action Program. You may optimize Google Business profiles with the help of this collection of lessons.

I hope you will be another company that benefits from this method, which has assisted numerous businesses in increasing their bottom line.

Please get in touch with me at if you have any questions.

There are 5 things you should be aware of to achieve the greatest results:

1. The Plan is Built for Action. 

I aim to keep things simple and useful.
I won't squander your time on pointless theory or fluff.
Theory and fluff don't produce outcomes. Even worse, they make you feel heavy and stop you from acting.

2. The Content will Continue to be Updated

The Action Program will be revised to reflect the ongoing changes at Google.
Depending on how well they work, strategies may be added or withdrawn.
My information resources are:

I have access to hundreds of profiles from a variety of industries. This enables me to conduct experiments with substantial sample sizes and evaluate the efficacy of various strategies.

Audits: I can do in-depth analyses of particular profiles thanks to my auditing service. These audits have produced several new discoveries. These conclusions are then tested to see if they have broad applicability.

Feedback from members: I continue to receive member feedback, which helps me ensure the procedures are up to date.

3. Simple is Preferable to Complex.

Some of the Action Program strategies could surprise you with how straightforward they are.

I've discovered that complicating things excessively causes the process to become very "fat."


There were two drawbacks to exceedingly complex things:


  • Complex plans weren't entirely carried out (due to overwhelm).

  • Most of those complex strategies' effects were produced by several key components (80/20 Rule; Wikipedia).

All of these techniques have been applied by me personally to enhance Google Business Profiles.

I will provide you with the same if I keep things straightforward and get excellent outcomes.

(Why waste your time, right?)

4. Schedule Time in Your Calendar RIGHT Now! 

Open your calendar and block out time to execute the plan.

How long you can anticipate spending:

The initial optimization process will take 1-3 hours. This can be broken up into 30- or 1-hour segments.

Ongoing Management: Set aside 15 to 30 minutes each week.

Here are links to some of the most widely used calendars:

5. You don't require additional tools or services. However, you have choices.

You won't need to spend more funds on the procedures in the Action Program.

There are, however, resources and services that facilitate the process.

For instance:

While creating citations is simple, a lot of tedious effort is required.

If you wish to outsource this work, I've recommended services.

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