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Who Is My Digital Marketing Lessons For?

Your digital marketing strategy makes (or breaks) your business. And while most online marketing coaches will tell you they work with everyone, I don’t.

✅If you want to get a truly powerful marketing strategy, you need to be involved as the CEO or Marketing Director.

✅Your junior staff has the necessary qualifications, but they don’t have your knowledge of the target market. They can be coached, but they can’t make profound changes that scale your revenue.

✅My teaching is based on the SOSTAC® methodology. It's comprehensive and very involved.

✅I used the teachings and guidelines that were brought together by DR PR Smith.

✅It can be used as a template that ensures consistency when presenting plans from different teams, departments, or regional offices throughout an organization, whether local, national, or global.

✅✅We find that people like SOSTAC® as it clarifies and simplifies the planning process for everyone. It can be learned in four minutes, or explored in full detail in four hours.

If you’re…

▶️Focused on value

▶Busy running your business

▶Ambitious and results-driven

▶An expert in your target market

▶Passionate about improving your skills

▶Capable of reacting based on data, not emotion

How My Digital Marketing Teaching Works

Step 1. Consultation and Interview

Before we get to work, we must ensure that we are a good fit to work together. This is where I tell you about how the program works and see if it meets your method of learning or not.

Step 2. Lessons

We will meet on Zoom and start the lesson plan. Each session will include the information that we will cover that week, followed up with some tasks for you to complete in the week. Your teacher is available throughout the week for questions if you get stuck.

Step 3. Implementation

Unfortunately, many CEOs and Marketing Directors hand off the implementation of their strategies that will profoundly impact your market share; your team needs your expertise. You need to be there to control the bigger picture. Depending on the plan you choose, my team is here to assist in the practical aspects of launching and monitoring your marketing strategy.

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Digital Marketing Lessons
Digital Marketing Lessons
Digital Marketing Lessons
Digital Marketing Courses that Produce RESULTS
$250.00 per month
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