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Explainer Video

Turn your elevator pitch into an marketing video.
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Brand: Shelley's Social Media

Think of an explainer video as the modern day elevator pitch for a company’s product or service.

To have a successful explainer video you will want to be concise and focused on a specific purpose. This video should grab your audience's attention.

Places that you would want to have your explainer video displayed are on landing pages, emails, and ads on YouTube.

Our explainer video explains your company, product, or service in 2 minutes or less. Also includes:

  • On site filming - We go to your office or place of work and shoot your video
  • B- Roll footage - This is the extra footage captured to enrich the story you're telling and to have greater flexibility when editing.
  • Basic video editing - This is where we make sure the color is right, the images captured are high quality, and the sound is top notch

Pricing starts at $300


Extra costs:

Studio rental - if you don't have a place to shoot, we would find a studio to rent and you would cover the cost

After Effects - if the visual has extensive after effects

Extra sound recording - If there is sound that we need to add in addition to what is already shot when shooting the video

Mileage - We charge mileage for distances over 20 miles from Wisconsin State Capital Building. We charge .57 per mile.

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