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Scam Security Features in Instagram

Instagram has recently introduced some new measures to enhance security for its users. These measures include new alerts for suspicious profiles that request to connect and notifications for users tagged or mentioned by an unknown account. 

When Instagram's systems identify potentially fake or questionable activity, a pop-up alert will be displayed to raise awareness of potential scams. This alert will notify users of potential harm caused by these schemes. Instagram has also added new alerts for users who get tagged or mentioned by accounts that they don't follow. These alerts will prompt users to review and update their safety and privacy settings so that they can control the related interaction.

This in-stream alert is displayed to the user at the time they become aware of the interaction, which could be a more effective way to raise awareness around concerns and potential misuse. By integrating these alerts more directly, Instagram is helping to improve user security. Research has shown that most users do not update their settings, so linking these tools to their benefits could encourage more people to use them.

If you want to learn more about Instagram's latest security measures, you can read about them here.

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