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Optimization Checklist

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The button to Edit Profile allows you to control this information:

GMb Optimization

Business Name: Enter your company name exactly as it appears on your business card or as you would otherwise use it.


  • If your facility has several practitioners who interact with the public, do not let them each have their own listings. While theoretically permissible, doing so would reduce the main listing's exposure.

  • Don't tack on extra keywords to your company name in an attempt to boost the listing's visibility.

  • Don't include the city or place name.


If you are a chiropractor

Yes: Adjustme Inc

No: Adjustme Inc. Chiropractor

Short Name: Use the name of your company as your short name.


  • Update: Short name editing is no longer permitted.

  • If you already have a catchy name, stick with it. You cannot add a new short name after deleting your current one.

Primary Category: Choose the main category that most accurately describes your company. Keep your thoughts in check.

  • Only options from a predetermined list are available.



If you are a chiropractor

Yes: Choose Chiropractor as your primary category.

No: Choose Medical Center as your primary category

Secondary Category: Choose as many auxiliary categories as are relevant to your company.

  • If the categories do not directly relate to your company's offerings, do not add them.



If you are a chiropractor, choose:

  • Health Counselor

  • Medical Spa

  • Alternative Medicine Practioner

Address: Place the suite numbers on the second line after the physical street address.

  • You ought to conceal your address if no one from your company works there during regular business hours.

  • Address Line 1 should be the street address, and Address Line 2 should be any suite numbers.



Line 1: 222 Monroe St

Line 2: #5

Service Area: Include any cities, ZIP codes, or geographic areas you serve.


  • Use this only if you meet clients where they are.

  • Some companies have consumers who both come to their facilities and travel to those places. On the same listing, listing both an address and a service region is acceptable.

  • Regardless of the service areas you list, your visibility will be greatly decreased outside of a 20-mile (32 km) radius.



Even if you provide services across the entire USA, designating the nation as a service region does not guarantee that you will be seen everywhere.

Business Hours: Enter regular business hours directed at customers.


  • Include these hours as opening hours on your listing if you are able to prolong store hours by remaining reachable for a little longer on the phone. As a result, your ad will be more prominently shown when competitors have closed their doors due to the competitors' hours.

  • Add extended hours for special days and occasions.



  • Christmas Day: Closed

  • December 1-23: Extended hours.

  • If you are a seasonal business: remove operating hours when closed, and re-enter when the season comes.

More Hours: If you have a second set of hours, enter them here.


  • You must enter your regular business hours before adding this.


  • Seniors Only: 7 am to 8 am

  • Drive-Through: 10 pm to 8 am


Primary + Additional Phone Numbers: Use your local business number as the primary number. If you have a toll-free number, you can add it as an additional phone number.


  • Use this number in the primary phone field if call tracking is being used. In the additional phone sections, enter your local business and toll-free numbers.


Primary Phone: 225-555-5522

Additional Phone: 1-800-555-2222


Website: Add your website, making sure to include the http or https part.


  • Important: If at all possible, try to connect to a local landing page here. See this section's Local Landing Page subsection.

  • To the end of the URL for your website, add the following code:


  • You can use your analytics account, such as Google Analytics, to see which users are accessing the website via your Google Business Profile. Essential to contrast its performance with those of other traffic channels.


Appointment URL: Include the website address for your booking or contact page.


  • Like your website URL, add the following at the end:

  • ?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=organic


Menu (For Restaurants): You can include a link on your menu if your company operates a restaurant.


  • Links to PDF files cannot be made directly here. A page on your website is required.

  • You can immediately include your menu in your Google Business Profile (recommended).


Service/Menu/Product Info: Using these areas, you can easily add information about a company's offerings to the listing. Many businesses ignore this, which lowers engagement.


  • Services are only offered to certain kinds of service-oriented businesses.
    Only eateries have access to menus.

  • Products are restricted to specific types of retail establishments.

  • Create a distinct section for each category of your services, menu, and items.

  • If you provide a variety of services and goods, I advise only including the most well-liked offerings. If they are seasonal, make sure to update them.

  • Enter the offer names exactly as your company would ordinarily describe them.

  • If the names of your offers are highly branded (such as "Full Scan Pro" for a car inspection service), be careful to describe the offers in detail so that clients can comprehend what they are.

  • Give each good or service a brief description. The same description that appears on your website or in stores may be used (there is a 300-character limit).


Service Name: House Appraisal

Service Description: We provide home appraisals to customers in Manchester. This service is available for all residential properties. If you do not require a complete appraisal, and would only as specific areas looked at, we can do this at a discounted price.


Business Attributes: List the qualities that best represent your company.


  • You can only choose from the specified list (similar to business categories).

  • Only mention qualities that truly characterize your company. Your customers may confirm this for themselves, and Google will seriously consider their opinions.

  • Google keeps adding new features as markets change (e.g. in response to the pandemic).

  • Regularly review this section and add any new qualities that apply to your company.


Here are some qualities to highlight if you have a storefront that is accessible to people in wheelchairs and has a patio, a happy hour, and restrooms:

  • Restrooms

  • Outdoor Seating

  • Happy Hour

  • Wheelchair Accessible


Business Description: This is your company's one-minute elevator pitch.


  • It ought to be drafted with potential clients in mind (people who know nothing about your business).

  • Instead of concentrating on certain items, services, or campaigns, consider the firm as a whole.

  • Use the most crucial terms that customers often type into a search engine to find your company.

  • Keep in mind that you are writing for readers. Search engines do not.

  • Avoid using emojis, special characters, or website URLs.

  • The maximum character count is 750.


123 Auto Body is Minneapolis' #1 auto paint and collision repair provider, 123 Auto Body is here to help you fall in love with your car all over again


Store Codes: Multi-location companies might use these to manage listings. If you are not bulk uploading locations, do not worry about adding these.


  • No spaces or other special characters are permitted.


Using the numbers 1 through 10 as shop codes for a company with ten locations is practical.


Labels: To help you organize your account, you can add labels to your listing (for businesses with multiple locations).


  • Per location, you can assign up to 10 labels.


A company with several sites in a single city might find it useful to add labels based on the city's sectors:

  • North

  • South

  • East

  • West

A business with different types of locations can add labels based on location type:

  • Body Repair

  • Paint Service Only


Google Ads Locations Extensions Phone: For a phone number to appear in search results, it must be local (cannot be a toll free number).


  • Leave this box empty unless you currently manage a Google Ads campaign with location extensions. You don't need to worry about this if this sounds like nonsense to you and an Ads campaign isn't being launched.


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