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You have signed up for your Google Ads Plan! We are excited to work with you! 

This Plan Includes:
  • Google Ads

  • Geo-Fencing

  • Re-Targeting (YouTube & Gmail)

  • Campaigns: 1 

  • AdGroups – 3

  • Mobile Ad Copy

  • Mobile Ad Extensions

  • Keywords Limit – 20 Per Ad

  • Keyword Level Call Tracking

  • Detailed Analytic Report *

  • Monthly Analytic Meeting

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Ad Spend Requirement – $500 – $2000 (not included)


3 Month Term + $800/Mo + 1 Time Set Up Fee $1050

6 Month Term + $750/Mo + 1 Time Set Up Fee $1000

9 Month Term + $700/Mo + 1 Time Set Up Fee $950

1 Year Term + $650/Month + 1 Time Set Fee $900

*This offer cannot be used with any other offers

*New customers only


Here is what to expect next: 

1. You will receive a DocuSign agreement in your email to be signed. This ensures that we (you and us) understand what is expected to create the best marketing partnership ever. 
2. One of our PPC specialists will contact you at one of the times you enter the gathering information section on the form. 
3. During that conversation, we will gather pertinent information about your business, goals, and Ad Spend budget to get started.
4. Our Team will get to work on your Google Ad Campaigns! 
5. If you've signed up for the 1 Year Term, you are lucky! Why? Because once a month, you and your team can meet with someone on our team via zoom to talk about your account! This is an excellent value as it allows you to ask questions and get a complete understanding of how we are spending your money! 

Welcome Aboard! We are super happy to be working with you! 


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